At Lunar Cafe we will only serve filter coffee, not espresso.


When setting up Lunar Cafe, Nelli Mooney decided quite early on that they wanted to offer a more Scandinavian approach to Lunar Cafe's coffee service. In their home country of Finland, a household and cafe staple is a moccamaster coffee maker. Everyone drinks filter coffee rather than espresso based drinks.

Filter coffee is a more simple and practical approach to brewing and it allows us to really focus on the quality of the coffee we are serving you. ☕

We partnered with
Abstract Coffee Roasters who are also heavily inspired by the Scandinavian coffee scene. Their style of light roasting suits filter coffee perfectly and really allows you to taste the unique and inherent qualities of the coffee.

We also fully support
Abstract's philosophy of transparency in the coffee supply chain. They list the price paid to producers on the packaging of every coffee they sell and always pay more than the Fair Trade price or C Price for coffee.

Want to know more? Head to their website!