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Everybody say "queers"!

According to a 2018 study conducted by Office of National Statistic (ONS), 2.3% percent of Yorkshire and Humber residents identify as being part of the LGBT+ community - that means nearly 13 000 people. The percentage continues to increase yet the 'capital city' of Yorkshire as well as a popular tourist destination for 6.9 million visitors each year has no dedicated LGBT+ space(!). How can this be?

We have created a much needed LGBTQI+ Coffee Shop, 'Lunar', in the Centre of York. Lunar is a safe space, where you can find like-minded people and connect; an arts space; a space to be yourself and truly embrace your queerness.

Lunar hosts an LGBTQ+ themed gift shop (henny!) as well as regular support groups and other events.

On 20th May 2021 we successfully raised £5,565 with 285 supporters in 56 days





I am Nelli, a Finnish born non-binary interdisciplinary Artist and Entrepreneur based in York. I have lived in this beautiful city since 2018. After realising what a gem York truly is, I have decided to stay for good and open a much needed LGBTQIA+ Coffee Shop!

Nelli Founder 
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